Saturday, June 28, 2008

Slower than Christmas

My mom used to say "Slower than Christmas" when I was a child. I knew the meaning then because I thought Christmas was the slowest thing in the world. It seemed to be much longer than 1 year in between Christmas mornings. The anticipation, the daydreaming, the buildup of it in your heart and your mind. It couldn't come fast enough! And FAST it was not! So, I understood the meaning of "slower than Christmas"
As an mommy, I see it through my children's perspectives now. Anxiously awaiting the end of a school week, the end of the school year, waiting for their birthday to roll around once again, and especially, yes, Christmas. Waiting for that magical wintry holiday that we celebrate a bit too extravagantly. A day we designate for Jesus' birthday and WE get the gifts. Actually, it's interesting to type this out in prose. It seems that Jesus WAS the gift for us all those years ago, and we celebrate by giving and receiving gifts each year. It's that He was the gift. I have always known this, it just has a bit of a different light on it for some reason right now. Maybe it's the kazakhstan heat.
Aha, Kazakhstan. The reason for my ramblings. Okay, we've been here since June 11th. It's only June 28th. We won't get to go to court until July 3rd or 4th most likely. And then it's another 15 days after that before it's final. And then it's another 15 days after that before we are able to go to Almaty and finish our paperwork!!! And THAT my friends, is "slower than Christmas". I now know this phrase all too well. I am ready to take our daughter home. I already love her, and I'm ready to teach her things, to read to her, to explore this world with her, to instill good values and morals, to teach her of my beliefs and His truth. I am ready, but the day that I get to take her home is slower than Christmas.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Keep your eyes upon Jesus

We are in Kazakhstan. It's been a very very long time since I've posted. We've been here for a couple of weeks now. I miss our children terribly! My heart aches for them and I have another month and a half to go!!! Goodness!
We're very blessed to have other American families here; some who live here and one who is also adopting from the same orphanage. We are having as much fun as one can have in over 100 degree temperatures. In July, we are told, it will be around 120 on a regular basis. Woohoo. (not very enthused about this). Everything is dusty, dry, and hot. Did I mention that it's hot here? lol
We found out that friends of ours in the states can mail us care packages! We're really excited about that! It takes about two weeks to get here. We will be very happy in two weeks. :-)
All joking aside, we are finishing up our bonding time with our beautiful little Sophie! She will be turning two in July! About one week after I turn 39!!! Just a few years difference there. ;-)
We are praying for a quick court date and perhaps even some leniency from the judge to expedite things because we'd like to get her to a physician in the States for a medical concern.

We sure do love her, and we know that she is already a huge blessing to us. We thank God for leading us to her, and giving us the chance to give her a great life! She can share those beautiful Kentucky Sunsets with us too!

That's all for now.