Saturday, January 10, 2009

It makes my heart sing!

Martina came home from her dad's house after spending the holidays there. When she came home, her Christmas presents were waiting for her here. Jasmine got to help her open them; she was very happy to help her! The first box was an impressive size to Jasmine. If she had curled herself up, she could have easily fit her long, lean body of nearly 4 years inside. She would make an absolutely beautiful present! She began to tear open the paper, shiny red and green. What a wonderful noise to the ears of a child... the ripping of wrapping paper. The power, the anticipation. What could be inside? Even though the present wasn't for her, she filled with excitement as the large slice of paper was extracted from the package. Her frame even taller now, with exhilaration filling every pore in her being. Her hands were lively and dancing for another piece of paper to rip off the package. What was revealed beneath the paper was less than she'd expected. Her body sagged with disappointment, the shoulders searching for a place to rest after such a thrilling moment. The brown, boring box was such a stark contrast to what she had been feeling just moments before. She exuded her disappointment with her voice as well, as if we couldn't read her body language. She said "Oh. It's just a box. It's not a toy." Martina, Winston and I nearly died with laughter inside. We told her that there was a gift inside the box. At this point she had already set herself up for the boring brown box, it almost didn't matter that there was a gift inside.

Soon after, Martina opened up a small present, again, she had Jasmine's "help" with opening it up. It was a bottle of perfume. Martina opened up the box, and spritzed a bit of it onto the inside of her wrists. She smelled it and was pleased with her new treasure. You could nearly see her thoughts right there on her nearly 12 year old face. Kids grow up way too fast. She asked Jasmine if she would like to smell it. She put her tiny little nose up to her sister's wrist. She closed her eyes and inhaled the sweet aroma. She opened up her eyes and said "Mmm. It smells so good, it makes my heart sing!"

And this is why I blog. :-) I love my family.


Anonymous said...

Cute blog entry! Loved it!


Heckert's Highway said...

Where are you my friend?? I miss you. You haven't posted for a while:O( Call me:O)