Thursday, June 18, 2009

Give me a break

Man oh man. There are days that I just feel like I need a break. I was gone all last week after driving 7 + hours to the Salatin's farm in VA. I enjoyed my time there, very much. I got up really early a few days and helped do some different things, really getting in the day to day stuff. I learned alot from these fine people. I'm glad to call them friends. I came back Friday with some more layers, so that means I drove up with a 16' trailer attached to my truck! Now, that's not all, I had to stop under a bridge to put a tarp on because it began to rain and the interns at the farm didn't put it on for me before I left at 6am that morning! it's a bit stressful driving in rain, never mind with a trailer on my truck. Whew!
More layers means more eggs, not that I should be complaining. I now have around 100 organic layers, 250 natural layers (of which roughly 150 are currently laying) and another 300 or so in the brooder ready to begin laying this winter.

So Monday, Sophia got her new glasses. She looks adorable! On Tuesday evening, she broke them!!!! NOT so adorable. i live about 30 minutes from the eyeglasses place, and just packing them up and going there is just a really big deal. (read one of my previous posts to see what THAT's like!)
So on Tuesday, Winston drove to Bowling Green KY to get the chickens processed (3.5 hour drive) and once there had truck trouble AND there was a huge storm that came through and took out the electricity to the processor. SOOOO he drove back here only to go the next day!!! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we finally got onto our poor pitiful bank account online, and, well, it's back to the drawing board on the finances. It's really tough having a business to support, kids, having had an expensive adoption last year, medical bills galore, etc.... And the economy is NOT helping a bit, our 401Ks are virtually non-existent. :-( boo!
Later that afternoon, we got a call from a guy we'd sold our boat to; he has had some problems with it and wanted to complain about it. So, even though we were not aware of any of the problems, we told him we'd take care of it, so we called the boat people we used for that boat and asked them to go and repair it. They told us that they didn't think that was anything we should worry about. But we don't want that man to think he's been taken, so we're fixing it. Uuuggh.
Winston's got drill this whole week, so that adds on more responsibility for me this week than normal. I am so so tired, stressed about various things (please pray for us) and just want to go to bed. But instead, I stayed up an extra 20 minutes and posted this blog.
Silly me.



kazdream said...

Sounds like you are having a week from Shymkent. ;) I still miss you! Tell everyone that I said hello. Steph

Kristin said...

I love you! You'll make it through. :)

Heckert's Highway said...

Oh my friend, I'm so sorry...I'll definitely be praying for you. I miss you and wish we could sit down for some no bake cookie a la shymkent. I could use a really good laugh about now too. I love you...jenn

Anonymous said...

She does look absolutely adorable with her glasses even though she did break them so quickly. Bummer!!

What a week, but hope it improves for you!